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Pseudo-intelligent. Happy-Go-Lucky. Occasional introvert. Semi extrovert. Loves to eat but incapable of gaining weight. Sweet-toothed. Failure of a socialite. Failure as a hikkikomori (basement-dweller). A wannabe paradox.

Off we go!

Phew, the past week sure has been hectic, what with that nasty exam business and all. It really was a stressful week so it was obvious that Mom deserved a break. Which is why Grandad and I was sent away - Grandad for a 2 weeks, I for a month (China 1st half - Malaysia 2nd half). So here I am sitting in one of Kuala Lumpur International Airport's sorry excuse for a cafe, waiting for my connecting flight to Shanghai at 1am Saturday. Yep, it's a 5 hour wait...on top of a 8 hour flight (Shutter Island + the Wolfman + Lightning Thief = 8 hours and a sore butt). I got so bored, I even started blogging again. Mind you, there's a Brazil vs. Portugal match going on right now and if I were even a little less nerdy, you wouldn't have gotten another taste of my literary genius so you're welcome. I must say though, it's quite nice to be back on home soil even if it is 20° warmer here. If only there was someway to alert my fellow countryman of my being here, I wonder what their reactions will be. I hope at least one of them will try to sound excited lol. Oh well, at least I can cath up on my sleep here...that is as soon as the vuvuzelas and bar crowd cheers die down. Till next time folks..if there is a next time.

Ps: To those still stuck down-under, I miss you all already. Don't miss the weather there though :)

Stale News..

Originally, the title was supposed to be Fresh Content buuut via the magic of the Internet, a Math135 assignment and Rita, I seemed to have lost a whole week of my life. If any of you find be sure to send it back ah. To make up for this rancid content I will for one, start writing about said event. I'll even post potentially embarrassing pics! Then again..maybe not. I'll save that for when someone blackmails me.

Well anyway, I'm sure that by now, you've already guessed that something big must've happened to finally get me off my lazy unfat arse and blog about it. And you're right. Go get yourself a cookie.

You see, we had a wedding here last week and boy was it a grand one. It wasn't a church wedding, it was a Chinese one so yea we did the whole shebang. Tea serving ceremonies, brides family bribing, dowry and what not. Man it was certainly a hectic day. And if you could only see us in the weeks just before the 8th, the amount of effort we all put in into setting everything up for the big day was just incredible. Double happiness and wedding decorations were going up all over the place. Caterers were booked. Floors were swept, mopped, vacuumed, then swept again. A marquee was set-up. Shirts were ironed. Dresses were being picked. Geoffrey's jacket was being bought from the local Salvo. The womenfolk's hair were being styled/done up. The menfolk's...erm...armpits were deodorised?

But it was worth it for the big day turned out pretty sweet. Well, at this point I'd say it's impossible for me to describe the whole wedding in words. Mainly because I'm not a very good writer. So.....PHOTODUMP INBOUND! Oh and in case you ladies are worried, please, don't fret, it's my uncles wedding not mine ;P . I gotta say tho, I rock a suit pretty darn good if you ask me

Earliest to rise. 7 am. Delivering up the roast pig.

Oh look who's hogging the spotlight. =.= Don't they look alike though. lol.

There we go. All suit action. Except for that rose among us thorns. Currently delivering the tray/dowries to bride's house.

Looking pretty excited there... However...sepet.

Don't you just hate people who camwhore right when there's a wedding taking place!
This is Uncle's ride. He used it to get to Aunt's place but it lol broke down afterwards. Fortunately he had a better ride awaiting.

GOH BROS here. How may we be of service?
That's the bridal chariot by the way and no, we didn't drive it. Rental guy didn't let us. Something about kids, crashing and expensive car or whatever.

Time skip!
Fast forward couple of hours. In that time we: did the tea ceremony, ate etc.
Now proceeding to wedding reception/dinner. Starting time: 4pm.

But first, you must be wondering. "Where are the newlyweds? It's their wedding but I've only seen your ugly mug!" Well, it's my blog! Plus I don't really like photodumping in a blog. I'll use flickr for that.

Anyway, I present to you: Mr Allen and Mrs Diana Goh.

Here they are signing away their freedom or as some would like to call it - signing the register.
You probably can't tell from this photo but it was drizzling about an hour ago. Now it's freaking HOT! I was sweating like hell in my suit.
Downside = Sydney weather!! Upside = nice photos.
I also should point out that Uncle is wearing a penguin suit. I really like the penguin suit. Especially the tails. lol. He also had a cane and a top hat. Never did wear the hat though.

This is a rare shot of Mom & Dad together. (Due to cam shy Dad)
Ever wondered why I look so good? Now you know why.

Look! M&P allowed me to drink champagne! Geoffrey on the other hand isn't. Doesn't stop him from pulling that smug face of his though.

Guess who?
Currently the newlyweds are out for their photoshoot. If your knowledge of Sydney is top notch, you'd know by now that we're having dinner right under the Harbour Bridge. Very scenic. Romantic too. But then sydney weather X_x The newlyweds deserve a medal for withstanding that heat for nearly 2 hrs. The guests are all cheering for you guys!!..from within the cool air-conditioned dinning hall with flutes of champagne in hand of course.

Dinner finally arrives at 7pm. Menu sounded trés bien. Taste wise, alright lah. Though Geoffrey was served ice cream for his main course by mistake (^o^)
Unfortunately, they realised it and took it away. (._.)
Strangely enough, we didn't have ice cream for dessert. Instead we had something called an "Eton Mess".
Sounds classy, Eton classy. It also sounds messy, Eton messy?
Not many people liked it though. It's rather erm..different from ice cream.

And after that was speeches from the Parents, Best men, Bridesmaids, Newly-weds and finally dancing! Then we all went home.
But I had no idea Uncle was such a dancer. Man, he got moves! Apparently, he learned to breakdance from a book! Hat's off Uncle. I gotta take up lessons if I don't wanna embarrass myself at my own wedding.

Well, they say that a pictures worth a thousand words so I'd say there's a good amount of words in this post. If you're still not satisfied though, I've got tons of pics. Literally! I alone took 800+ pics. Add my Granduncle's, Grandaunt, the professional they hired...we could probably make a trilogy of feature-length slideshows with all these material.

So here's one last pic of my Sam Suk (read:third uncle) and Sam Sam (read:third auntie)
Ah..marriage..the more I think about it the more I wanna...*oh shi..people are listening**ahem*
You know what's so significant about this pic?
She's saying "I do", He's over the moon and the Parents are relieved beyond belief.
I'm sure you know what comes after "I do" right?
HINT: "You may kiss the bride." Sorry no pictures.

Till next time!

See ya!


Thursdays are now de-facto blogging days due to the 3hr break in between Statistics class and Maths classes.

Waiting for the bus is a ball-freezing experience. Getting changed in the mornings constitutes endurance training.

Procrasination is BAD! Putting off your assignments till the last week is not a good idea. So why do I keep doing it?! Because blogging on blogs and surfing on webs are exponentially more fun than plotting plots and graphing graphs.

List of hopes and dreams, needs and wants, and everthing in between.

  • Possibly my own Rita
  • Perhaps my own laptop
  • Perchance my own room


  • For others please ask Rita, fufu
  • Rita
  • ???
  • Profit
  • To someday be able to play an eletric guitar
  • or bass
  • or violin


  • Warmer Australian climate
  • Rita
  • More money/Part-time job
  • Über 1337 programming skillz
  • More/longer holidays
  • A new handphone
  • >= Adobe Photoshop CS2
  • Vocaloid2 software
  • More money
  • Rita!

In betweens

  • Still waiting for that letter...ho hum...
  • .1.
  • ..2..
  • ...3...
  • RITA!

Ma & Pa

Yea I know, I know. You guys are all pumped up bout my Supanova weekend right? Unfortunately, your gonna have to wait awhile cos something huge happened to me this week!! I'm talking astronomically huge!! Enough to dwarf a supernova!! That would mean that it's as epic as a quasar!! So what's the big deal then? Well, you'd probably have guessed from the title but I'll scream it out anyway, MOM & DAD are here!

For those of you having trouble grasping the significance of this event, here's a short parable to help you understand. There once lived a boy, who had to be sent away from home, far far away. He had to live away from his parents for a very long time (6 months). Day after day, he pined for Mother's caring touch, longed for Dad's uplifting humour but sadly he had to endure those 6 months all alone with his brothers. Finally the day arrives! He is finally reunited with his family and they can enjoy each other's company over a nice plate of authentic MALAYSIAN nasi lemak. And that was how nasi lemak was introduced to Australia. The end.

But seriously, having Mom and Dad here could not be any more awesome. I finally get packed lunches to uni, real proper brekkie, not to mention the Malaysian cuisine I sorely miss that Mom manages to dish up every dinner. Food aside, there's also the ton of stuff she brought over for us. I now have like a new bag, 3 new jackets, 8196 pairs of socks and a enough shirts/t-shirts to clothe all of Tokelau. Suddenly, I've become such a vainpot. I've spent more time in front of the mirror these past few days than I have in the past 6 months.

But of course, parents doesn't just mean food and clothing. The best thing about having them with us would have to be the family time we spend with each other. For the ill-informed, family time is the time spent with one's family where one has a feeling of complete safety and security. Doesn't matter if you're old or young, as long as your naïve enough to be lulled into the sense of security your family provides then you can enjoy it. Fortunately, I am one these people and for that I am truly thankful. Now, I don't mean to brag to everyone. I do realise that some people might not be as lucky as I am but to them I say, there has got to be a moment in time where you experienced this right? Even if it's for a short time, we should appreciate every chance we got/get. But I digress. After all, I really don't feel like I have the right to spout such stuff.

In any case, if for any reason I am inactive for the next month or 2 well, you know why. On the off chance you are still interested in that Supanova thing then I'll photodump it sometime soon. Too lazy to write about it already. Ta for now.


No don't worry, while I certainly am a star, I'm not gonna asplode anytime soon. As least I don't plan to. Well, I've a confession to make...I've been hanging out with some pretty shady characters recently. I'm so ashamed...but more on that later cos I gots to prepare for another day of Supernova Sydney 2009 tomorrow!!!1 Until then, I would suggest reading other people's blog for a change. Now go on! Scram!

Yes, that's my hand. Note the cool looking lime-green band on it. Don't I look cool with it?

Oh and by the way, special shoutout to my comrades in Malaysia. Wish you guys were here. Isn't that fun without ya. Saya pergi beremo now.